Goodwin Goes Down, Save Sandford Campaign, and Much More

What an appropriate piece of news to learn about this weekend, and the timing is amazing. Gardiner Harris of The New York Times reported this weekend that Frederick Goodwin, a [racist – according to other reports] psychiatrist who hosts “The Infinite Mind” on NPR, is going down, big time. He’s just the latest in a series of bought doctors recently exposed, who have been extremely influential in psychiatry and the national movement towards increased drugging. Here’s some background about the eugenicist efforts that Goodwin and others have been involved in as recently as the 90s: “Beware The Violence Initiative Project.” 

Here is the NYT article, which states that NPR is canceling their satellite broadcast of “The Infinite Mind” and that if they had known Goodwin took so much money from pharmaceutical companies, they never would have broadcast the show in the first place. So I have to say, ‘Good Job’ to NPR! Now this begs the question of how long it will take for media groups to start paying attention and pull a Grassley. When are they going to get suspicious and start investigating the corruption taking place within the “scientific” community?

Hats off to Gardiner Harris, Charles Grassley, and NPR. Job well done. 

So why do I say that the timing of this report is amazing? It’s just a general observation that it seems like the time is right for news like this to break… and here are a few reasons why…

I just returned from the NFWL (National Foundation of Women Legislators) Conference and it was amazing! 

So many people at this NFWL conference heard about Goodwin’s crash and burn career catastrophe and I can’t think of a better way to see these “doctors” exposed than in The New York Times, right before a Presidential transition, just as people are hoping to expand their mandatory mental health “treatment” programs and launch America into one giant Orwellian nightmare

I also got to meet so many interesting women legislators and leaders from all over the country, not to mention I finally got to meet Dr. Mary Ann Block and Dr. Julian Whitaker.

One story that was told during the conference was about a woman whose 6-year-old granddaughter told her mom when Hillary Clinton was running for President that that was wrong, because it’s illegal for her to run for that office. The mother asked why in the world the daughter would say such a thing, and the daughter replied that: “If a woman could be President, then there would have been a woman President by now.”

It’s kind of chilling, and yet kind of cute, just because there are so many things that come out of children’s mouths that just seem to have a hint of truth underneath the innocent incorrectness…

One thing that impressed me about the conference was the sincerity and dedication of all of these women to living their passion and making the world a better place. With all of the people I told about The MOTHERS Act, I was really kind of amazed how many were instantly sympathetic, supportive, concerned, or outraged. When you spend so much time seeing the hurt and death and force that is taking place it’s easy to forget how many people are out there who do care.

So to all those federal, state, or local women legislators out there who may be reading this blog or looking into The MOTHERS Act as we speak, I pray that you will take the message to heart that this is an issue you can really make a difference on. It is sad when we have to become defensive for our own rights, the protection of our lives and our babies, our freedom, informed consent, etc.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the people who are still suffering because of psychiatric drugs, electroshock, etc. and about all those who have yet to be conceived who will never draw a breath because of these drugs. I want to leave you with a few links – food for thought. A lot of news continues to break all over the place concerning the financial relationships connecting psychiatrists, drug companies, “scientific” medical journals, government agencies, etc.

Don’t forget if you are a psychologist or otherwise involved with the American Psychological Association to read Dr. Zampardi’s letter concerning the ethics violations that demand a response from the candidates for APA president.

Check out Julie Edgington’s blog:

This is a MindFreedom Campaign to help Ray Sandford, who just so happens to be an involuntary outpatient victim of court ordered ECT or electroshock “therapy” at Mercy Hospital, in Coon Rapids, MN (this is the same hospital where I was an involuntary “patient” for two days in 2004 right after I became homicidal and suicidal on Zoloft).

MindFreedom is calling on the public to write or call Governor Pawlenty to ask for intervention. I would like to add that if anyone knows a good attorney or investigative journalist who can do something, please contact them. Also, don’t forget that we should call the two Minnesota Senators, Amy Klobuchar and Norm Coleman.

As for “Mercy Hospital” – this is the same hospital that locked me up in the psych ward away from my son when I was 9 days postpartum (3 days after starting on Zoloft to ‘prevent’ PPD after Isaac almost died from choking at 3 days old), where I was forced to continue taking Zoloft in order to get out – where I had to fake being better to get out, threaten to call the media and lawyers – where I was told I was just like Andrea Yates and all those other “Texas moms” who killed their children and would probably kill my baby if I didn’t do what they said I should do.

I gave Mercy Hospital a call last week to let them know what I think of their plan for Sandford’s “treatment” and to protest the fact that his doctor can give him one week’s reprieve from the “treatment” due to protests, but apparently the continued forced ECT is supposed to somehow logically remain therapeutic or in his best interest… The director of the ECT department refused to acknowledge Mr. Sandford is a patient due to confidentiality reasons, but she did tell me she was glad I was better. That is probably the only time in her career she has had the opportunity to say that to a former imprisoned patient.

Check out

See also, “The USA is Living Beyond Its Means” with David Walker, former GAO head. He spoke at the NFWL Conference, just after Dr. Whitaker (who spoke about financial problems in the Medicaid and Medicare system), on the problems with our out-of-control financial system and government budget deficits.

2 thoughts on “Goodwin Goes Down, Save Sandford Campaign, and Much More

  1. More interesting related links:

    Senate Probes Goodwin’s ‘Best Practice’ consulting firm for off label drug pushing:

    LA Times: Psychiatric Care’s Peril and Profits,0,4978390.story

    Govt. pays for risky unapproved drugs:

    Brad Pitt and Matt Damon consider film on Former Drug Pusher:

  2. Here is the latest on the MindFreedom campaign to free Ray Sandford from the torture ECT at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN:

    MindFreedom International – 24 November 2008
    Ray Human Rights Alert #4: Please Forward

    You Can Ask: Thanksgiving Reprieve?

    MindFreedom Filing Complaint with UN Claiming “Torture” in Minnesota

    The next forced outpatient electroshock of Ray Sandford is scheduled for this Wednesday morning, 26 November 2008, the day before the USA holiday of Thanksgiving.

    Join an international campaign *NOW* to phone Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty today and tomorrow, before the shock:

    1) Ask the Governor to give Ray Sandford a reprieve from his next forced electroshock.

    2) Ask the Governor — who claims to believe in limited government – if he supports laws in Minnesota allowing this torture: the involuntary administration of electroshock therapy (ECT) of people living out in the community?

    A MindFreedom investigation revealed that Ray Sandford, 54, complained of being escorted every week for months from his supported living home in Columbia Heights, Minnesota to Mercy Hospital for another course of electroshock over his objection.

    After the first MindFreedom News international alert, Ray’s doctor let him skip his forced shock this past Wednesday, 19 November.

    This Wednesday morning, 26 November, Ray expects to be woken up early once again to be escorted the 15 miles to what he is told will be his 34th involuntary outpatient electroshock under special Minnesota laws.

    Meanwhile, MindFreedom is filing a official claim with the United Nations calling Minnesota’s abuse of Ray “torture,” using a new process and expanded definition by the UN.


    ** ACTION ** ACTION ** ACTION **

    Join in a MindFreedom international phone-in campaign!

    Telephone Governor Pawlenty’s office *NOW* — and insist on talking to a staff person.

    Call any day, but especially call today and tomorrow, *before* Ray’s scheduled electroshock this Wednesday.

    From anywhere in the world phone (651) 296-3391.

    From inside Minnesota phone toll free (800) 657-3717.

    You have the best chance of reaching staff from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time weekdays.

    NOTE: Staff is directing many of these calls into voice mail. MindFreedom is not aware of anyone actually getting a response to this voice mail.

    DO NOT GIVE UP! Politely but FIRMLY insist on on talking to a staff person.

    If you get redirected to voice mail leave a message, but call back until you get an answer from a live person.

    If you do receive any helpful information, e-mail it to


    Ray Campaign News Updates:

    MindFreedom Filing Complaint with United Nations Alleging “Torture” by Minnesota

    This past Friday, 21 November, disability advocates met with Ray at the Minnesota Center for Independent Living. Ray told advoctates he very much supports this campaign.

    During the meeting a teleconference was held with MindFreedom President Celia Brown in New York City and MindFreedom Director David Oaks in Oregon. Celia interviewed Ray so that MindFreedom may file a human rights complaint under a new process with a United Nations Special Rappateur. Because of recent developments, some types of severe psychiatric abuse may now be considered torture by the UN.

    Involuntary outpatient electroshock (IOE) is part of a trend to bring the power of forced psychiatric procedures out into the community, from the back ward to your front porch.

    Mind your freedom: Your home is no longer your castle… it can become your ward.

    Electroshock itself has made a comeback throughout the USA, and internationally, without adequate human rights protection.

    You may read some of the many public comments that have been e-mailed to the Governor at here:

    For a full-sized photo of Ray click on his image here:

    Past alerts:

    7 Nov: Alert #1 – How to e-mail the Governor:

    12 Nov: Alert #2 – First phone-in to Governor:

    16 Nov: Alert #3 – Ask Governor’s Director of Communications Brian McClung for answers:


    Don’t let Ray get escorted without you saying “no” to torture out in our communities.

    It takes just a few moments. Please nonviolently “zap back” by asking questions.

    The campaign is being heard in the Governor’s office. MindFreedom has evidence that at least one frustrated operator has hung up on callers about Ray.

    Ray did not give up. So we won’t give up!

    From anywhere in the USA or the world phone (651) 296-3391.

    From inside Minnesota phone toll free: (800) 657-3717.

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