MOTHERS Act Outreach Business Card Documents For You!

So, I am super excited to be heading out to an event this weekend where I will be discussing The MOTHERS Act with people from all over the country! I went to get some cards made last night at FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) and they were ready this morning! I am sharing the files here so you can do the same. If you want the JPEG for display online you can have those too!

To make your own cards, simply download the PDF files, put them on a travel drive and head to FedEx Office. The cards are not very expensive and will be ready in less than a day.

If you feel up to handing these out then you will be helping out and saving babies and mommies! 

Front of card: 

PDF file 


Back of card: 

PDF file


And here is a preview of what they look like:





These files will be available for download from now on through the file sharing widget on the right side of our blog. Boy, do I love the internet! Right now I am kind of amazed by WordPress blogs, file sharing, and FedEx. How did our forefathers ever fight back against oppression without all this technology? 

So, go do your part.

By the way, a special thanks goes out to Anastasia Froget, the Utah director of the ICFDA, and her family for modeling for the photo used in this card and other graphics for our cause. Baby Alijah sure is a cutie pie!

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