List of Groups Fighting MOTHERS Act Grows

Recently we have added The Wellness Institute to our list of groups opposing The MOTHERS Act. It’s wonderful to see more groups getting on the safety bandwagon. I am touched by all those willing to take time out of their busy lives to stand up for those in our country who have no idea what is about to be thrown at them. Incredibly, a few members of the U.S. Senate as well as the financially conflicted organizations pushing the bill, and some of the most notorious pHARMa front groups out there continue issuing press releases and holding press conferences using the obviously false premise that the failure of The MOTHERS Act to pass means that more women will die and that it should pass because it’s “non-controversial.” Well, I consider unnecessary drug-induced infant deaths and moms going psychotic and killing themselves because of psychiatric drugs worse than controversial, don’t you?

As a mother who was fully aware of PPD and of the possibility of getting it long before ever even becoming pregnant, told during prenatal classes that we need to be on the lookout for psychotic behavior once the baby comes, and then screened, preemptively drugged, hospitalized, force-drugged, and driven to the edge by medical professionals and psychiatry, I know beyond doubt what the proposals in the bill will do. It’s the most vulnerable of us who by definition have no clue about antidepressants, and that’s exactly why The MOTHERS Act is so dangerous. We can work our hearts out to get informed consent awareness, but at the end of the day, no doctor who intends to put a woman on antidepressants during pregnancy or after a birth will really tell her that the drug will increase her likelihood of suicide and violence, nor will he tell her that the drug could kill her baby directly through the toxic effects or induce a miscarriage, birth defect, premature birth, stillbirth, or a case of SIDS. Without a law to require explicit informed consent procedures including telling moms about the risks and benefits of all available treatments as well as of doing nothing, what we’ll see are more moms suffering like I did, and many of those will not be as lucky as I was. Without assurance that women won’t be drugged to “prevent” or “ward off” PPD like I was, all we can expect from this type of drugging program would be more and more deaths.

Unlike the absurd, illogical and impossible predictions made by The MOTHERS Act drugging advocates, these statements are not wild speculation on my part – they’re simply the reality. Women today don’t look forward to pregnancy, birth, or a new baby as much as they could, because at every turn someone tells them they are sick, risky, deranged, or their pregnancy and birth and postpartum lives are emergencies waiting to happen. Enough is enough. We are not going to accept the nonsense and lies from the pHARMa apologists – not when it’s our lives and our babies’ lives that will be put at risk. We just witnessed another school shooting last week. Shooting up classrooms and burning the bodies – it sounds more like something you would see in a movie than something that could really happen. But this does happen in everyday places – my brother’s church had a shooting, one of the schools where I was a teacher received threats of Columbine-copycat massacres, and I’ve lost track of the number of women in Texas where I live who have murdered their own children while taking antidepressants.

My message to those of you reading this who ‘believe’ that The MOTHERS Act will ‘do good:’ we are not going to stop fighting to save women and babies from your drug-net. We don’t want our children growing up without mothers and we don’t want to lose loved ones as Melanie Stokes was lost – at the hands of psychiatry.

I’ve seen how the aggressive marketing under the guise of trying to increase “awareness” or “education” works. I’ve been on the other side and know how easily new moms are scared by the stories of Andrea Yates and other mothers (who actually were on drugs when they killed their children or themselves). What you are doing to these mothers is beyond reprehensible.

For those of you out there who have a strong desire to stand up for safety and protection of the public against The MOTHERS Act… and whether you’re a survivor of psychiatric ‘treatment,’ you’ve lost someone to it, or you just don’t want more babies dying, this thread is for you. 

Since over 9,000 people have signed our petition, I have been unable to keep up with the numerous signatures and those who signed on to the petition as leaders of grassroots groups and movements. We’ve already sent our protests to the Senate numerous times over the past 8-9 months and they are aware of the many groups who protest this bill. The warning has been spread around the world and no doubt many babies’ and mothers’ lives have been spared. But if somehow, I left your group off of this list, please add your organization’s name in the comments to this post.

Groups Fighting The MOTHERS Act:
ICFDA: International Coalition For Drug Awareness; The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights; ICSPP: International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology; NARPA: National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy; AHRP: The Alliance for Human Research Protection; COPES: Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide; The Elizabeth Torlakson Foundation; CHAADA: Children and Adults Against Drugging America; MADNAP: Mothers Against Drugging the Nursing And Pregnant; Consumer Wellness Center; Parents for a Label and Drug Free Education; Texans for a Safe Education; Whitaker Health Freedom Foundation; WoodyMatters; Supporters; Supporters; AbleChild; Green Body and Mind; LifeDynamics; Global Suckling Initiative; Supporters; The Wellness Institute 

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