Connecticut Sues Lilly Over Zyprexa

Just one of many states suing antipsychotic makers. There are also 8797 individual Seroquel lawsuits. And states are suing drug makers in part for the fraudulent marketing and off label marketing of the drugs to children when the drugs were not approved or safe for children. This is a huge waste of tax payer dollars going to feed Lilly employees and others when we pay to drug foster children and medicaid patients with drugs that kill and don’t even work for their “intended” purpose.

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Sues Lilly Over Zyprexa

  1. Zyprexa has generated a lot of bad press for Eli Lilly and they still have unresolved Zyprexa settlement claims.
    Eli Lilly is ‘reaping the whirlwind’ for aggressive marketing of Zyprexa that has caused suffering and deaths.
    Zyprexa is being avoided by doctors they aren’t prescribing it for new patients at all anymore.

    Daniel Haszard 4 year Zyprexa patient who got diabetes from it.

  2. I’m glad doctors aren’t prescribing Zyprexa as much. Like I said earlier my docs wanted me on it. I was so lucky not to take it. Down with antipsychotic drugs.

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