In Memory of Elizabeth Torlakson

Hi Everyone-

I’ve been able to tell most of you about the “Out of the Darkness” walk that’s coming up at the end of the month at Crissy Field.  It will be on Saturday, Sept 27, 10:00 AM.  We’ll be on a team called “Magical Liz”!  We’ll carry some big photos of her beautiful smiling face which we miss so much, and you know she’ll be delighted to watch us all marching along the Bay together.

We will walk to remember and honor Liz, so I hope you can all come, and please invite anyone else to join us.  Tom Torlakson will be speaking before the walk about all the new mental health services in California.  It’s also a fundraiser walk, so if you’d like, please email families or friends or coworkers to contribute to the “Magical Liz” team.  The money goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( ) which funds private research on suicide, and also supports survivors, like us, and education programs.  You can see on the AFSP website the broad range of research topics it funds.  Check out the 2008 grants, but also the 2007 grants that are still ongoing, because there’s one 2-year study on withdrawal from SSRI’s and suicide, which as you know played a crucial role in Liz’s death.

You do have to register if you want to walk, so please go to

and go down to where it says “Participant/Team Search” and type in Magical Liz, and that will take you to our team’s page.  So far we’ve raised $0 and I’m the only participant, so it’s all uphill from here!  This is my first time with anything like this, so let’s just do it, everybody!  Tell me if you’re have trouble getting registered.  You don’t have to pay money to walk, or to raise any money, but if you raise $150 you get a t-shirt.  (You might get one anyway if they have enough.)  The team that raises the most money gets to choose a suicide-related topic that they’d like to have researched.

Everyone is invited to my house afterwards for lunch, probably just make-it-yourself sandwiches.  For people who are driving in, it’s the opening of the new Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park that day, and it’s free that first day.  Here’s the link:

If you can’t join us at Crissy Field, I hope you will consider donating something to our  team for Liz, so that through her loss, someone else may be spared down the line.  Just go to the Magical Liz page.  Thank you.

I hope most of you can walk with us!  Liz loved you so much.  She’ll be with us in spirit.

Kathy / Kathlee

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