MGH Bipolar Drug Studies Recruit Pregnant Women Via Craig’s List

This tops the perinatal drugging recruitment of the internet blog trollers over at Postpartum Progress, who attack blogs of people they deem via remote blog reading to have depression or anxiety. This is beyond sick – but then what do you expect? Break out the press releases! 

Let’s go call Rachel at the number below to tell her what we think of her study and efforts.

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From: survivor030406 <survivor030406@ …
Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2008 2:33:37 AM
Subject: [Antipsychotics] MGH Boston Drugging pregnant women
Extremely depraved. This needs to be stopped.

Bipolar Disorder In Pregnancy Study (Mass General Hospital – Boston)
Reply to: comm-815043769@ [?]
Date: 2008-08-27, 9:43AM EDT

Are you an expectant mother? Do you have questions about bipolar
disorder and antidepressants or mood-stabilizers during pregnancy? The
Center for Women’s Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital is
conducting a research study on Bipolar Disorder in pregnancy. If you
are pregnant and diagnosed with bipolar disorder (or manic depression)
you may be eligible for this research study. Participants meet with
research coordinators and psychiatrists who specialize in bipolar
illness during pregnancy. For more information contact Rachel at (617) 726-2912.


In Atypical_Antipsycho tics@yahoogroups .com, Amy Philo
<amyphilo@.. .> wrote:

Advertising on CRAIGSLIST?? ? How low can they go? Maybe they could
stand on street corners begging for change and then approach pregnant
women’s cars in parking lots outside OB offices and pour drugs through
the window expecting a payout when the moms come out of the office.
I included their funding from Eli Lilly in one of my articles…
they had a petition going online through the DBSA, and several
“studies” claiming no risk of heart defects and other birth defects
with pregnancy exposure, no risk for nursing babies, etc.
Bottom of page 1.


(posted by survivor03…)

The pharmacaust is so big, it boggles the mind.
Big Pharma bribed the CDC to encourage drugging pregnant mothers.

“Overall, our results are generally reassuring with respect to the use
of antidepressants during pregnancy,” said Jennita Reefhuis, a CDC
http://www.cdc. gov/Features/ MedicationUse/

Fortunately, Dr. Peter Breggin is exposing the truth here.

“Her study had funding from two pharmaceutical companies, including
GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Paxil (Seward, 2007), one of the
most implicated antidepressants in regard to birth defects
http://breggin. com/index. php?option= com_wrapper& Itemid=74

Hopefully members of this group will forward the truth to the
newspapers, craigslist (copy and paste Breggin’s article in the body),
and the congress. (hopefully they might read it)

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