Suicide of Mental “Health” Poster Child

Fred Baughman, MD author of THE ADHD FRAUD comments on:

August 22. 2008
Children’s mental health law signed

Child who spoke at Statehouse later killed self


BOSTON- When Mary Ann Tufts trekked to the Massachusetts Statehouse in May 2007 to testify in favor a children’s mental health bill, her daughter Yolanda tagged along for a “girls’ day away.”

Yolanda, who’d battled anxiety and bipolar disorder for years, hadn’t planned on speaking at the hearing, but at the last minute decided to tell lawmakers about her personal struggles – putting a young face on the issue.

Eight months later, Yolanda Torres, then 16, committed suicide.

[[[[[[FB: So much for her improved “mental health”.]]]]]]]]]]]

Yesterday, Gov. Deval L. Patrick signed the children’s mental health bill – dubbed “Yolanda’s Bill” by advocates – saying it strengthened the state’s commitment to children living with mental illness.

Yolanda’s mother expressed mixed emotions at the news.

“It’s extremely bittersweet. I’m thrilled that it passed and I hope and believe that my daughter had something to do with it,” Tufts said. “It makes her passing stand for something and that gives us some solace.”

Patrick said the new law will make it easier for the state to identify and treat mental illness in children.

The law helps train teachers, guidance counselors and nurses to better identify mental health needs in students. Under the law, the state Department of Early Education and Care will provide behavioral health consultation services in early education and care programs to reach children with mental illness earlier.

[[[[[[[[[[[FB: This is just what killed Yolanda; just what Yolanda never needed to begin with.]]]]]]]]]
The new law also encourages behavioral health screening for children during visits to their doctors.

[[[[[[[[[This does nothing but lead to more “mental health,” “chemical imbalance” diagnoses and more prescriptions of “chemical balancers”–pills. Yolanda’s mother still does’nt get it. ]]]]]]]]]]

The law also ensures greater cooperation between agencies by creating a children’s behavioral health research and evaluation council, and service teams to collaborate on cases for children who may need services from multiple state agencies.

A report by Children’s Hospital Boston and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, found that of the more than 140,000 young people younger than 18 who need mental health services each year, more than 100,000 do not receive them.

Senate President Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, who lives in the same town as Mary Ann Tufts, said the goal of the bill was to help reach out to other teens suffering from mental illness.

“There are too many children in the commonwealth who go undiagnosed or untreated for mental illness,” Murray said. “This new law will help seal the cracks in our system.”

Tufts said that while she would give anything to have her daughter back, she also knows that Yolanda would be pleased to have her name associated with a law designed to help other children and teenagers facing similar struggles.

“She wanted to help other children like herself,” Tufts said. “She was a very powerful young woman.”

[[[[[[[[One must feel absolutely powerless to take their own life. When teachers are forbidden from making diagnoses and suggesting drugs what they do instead is to urge, suggest, insist that the parents of pupils they have “diagnosed,” at least in their own minds, go to a physician or mental health professional which accomplishes the same thing–that the child is diagnosed and then medicated, as surely as if the teacher had been the one making the diagnosis and then referring the child and family to a physician who they know will prescribe the need “chemical balancers”–drugs. Either way the epidemic of mental disorders, diseases grows and with it prescriptions for psychiatric drugs–intoxicants, poisons, all detectible in the blood, body and brain–the first abnormality/disease the pupil, now a patient actually has. The parents and family should decide if and when to take their children to a physician or to any kind of a health care professional. Yes educators may speak their piece on the issue but nothing more. They should not require or coerce, which is often the case. This bill is just what the “mental health” industry wants. It will lead to more diagnoses, more children “treated” and to more deaths such as this one and that of Rebecca Riley.]]]]]]]]]]]]

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