PsychRights Argues For Pro Bono Movement

A call for attorneys in New York – a memo on “Kendra’s Law”

This is a fascinating read detailing all the reasons why we need attorneys in each judicial district to step up to the plate and defend patients against forced drugging. As Gottstein states, his memo does not fully address the crisis of forced ECT, or the mass drugging of America’s children, which is clearly an emergency. 

But obviously the time could not be more appropriate to defend adults against forced drugging. We are faced, after all, with the possibility of forced drugging via The MOTHERS Act. I can’t imagine anything worse than drugging mothers, especially when these mothers are or become pregnant while on drugs. To drug unborn babies should be classified as criminal, but presently it is revered by the completely unethical mental ‘health’ community. This absurd and deluded group of people actually argues that the benefits of medication outweigh the risk to the unborn or newborn baby. 

Let’s compare the benefits to the risks.

  • Antidepressants (stimulants in the same category as LSD and cocaine): proven no more effective than a placebo.
    Risks/effects: suicide, homicide, stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, fatal birth defects, SIDS, psychosis, diabetes, coma, death via serotonin syndrome…
  • Mood stabilizers (anticonvulsants): Benefits? Perhaps prevention of seizures caused by antidepressants (stimulants)
    Risk: double the rate of suicide according to the latest data…
  • ‘Antipsychotics’ (misnamed, actually neruoleptics in the same class as rat poison): Benefits? You will sleep more, because you will be asleep most of the time (potentially involuntarily when the nurse gives you a shot in the behind)…
    Risk of death increased by a rate of 2.5 per increment of neuroleptic, with long-term use, shave off 25 years from your life. Evidence that these drugs are actually PRO-psychotics.

Please read the memo by Gottstein and the attached affidavits by Whittaker and Jackson. Here is a snippet:

(a) Neuroleptics dramatically increase the likelihood that a person will become chronically  disabled.  

(b) Long-term recovery rates are much higher for unmedicated patients than for those who are maintained on neuroleptic drugs. 

(c) Neuroleptics cause a host of debilitating physical, emotional and cognitive negative effects, including substantial brain damage, and lead to early death. 

(d) The new “atypical” neuroleptics are not better than the old ones in terms of their safety and tolerability, and quality of life may even be worse on the new drugs than on the old ones.  

III. Involuntary Administration of Neuroleptics is Experienced as Torture by Many…

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