On Experimentation and Labeling

From Joanne Cali on http://www.topix.net/forum/source/twincities-pioneer-press/T2J4ACKT8PD06E45Q
“When did human experimentation become an acceptable practice? The use of animals is severely protested for medical research. Who is speaking on behalf of humans being sacrificed for this “cause”?

Maybe the change occurred when medicine became a profit-motivated. Since funding comes from research, colleges must come up with research programs. In the olden days, we all thought (mistakenly) that human welfare was the BENEFICIARY of such research. Now Drug Companies and the doctors who push these drugs, are clearly making astronomical profits.

When did mothers and parents became insignificant, unknowledgeable, and ignored child-managers, powerless in the face of clinical authorities who “know best”? Perhaps Foster Homes, hidden almost totally from general public exposure, afford even greater tax-funded profits for the Drug Companies and psychiatrists.

But it is really we who are to blame. We are buying the lines of psychiatrists who call so many children “disturbed”. We are authorizing agencies by funding them with taxes, and failing to question the general drugging of 8 million school children – which number is soon to escalate if we pass a piece of legislation called “The Mothers Act”, which delivers mothers, their unborn babies, and toddlers into the hands of psychiatrists who claim to recognize “psychotic” symptoms early.

Decades ago, “short attention spans, crankiness, higher activity levels” were symptoms of what disease? “Childhood”! Now these very behaviors and attitudes are labelled “disorders”, our “sick” children “medicated” accordingly, with disastrous results in many cases. The FDA has documented the side effects of violence, suicide, murder, enlarged hearts, shortened lives, diabetes, permanent nerve twitches, and more. Not to mention the stigma of being labelled (which merely excuses poor peformance, and excuses responsibility for one’s actions). And teachers are excused from improving their teaching, because the kids who have trouble are ‘brain imbalanced.’ “

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