Psychiatric Torture: German 17-year-old institutionalized under authority of Hitler-era law outlawing home schooling

In a world in which political oppressors and insanely evil people masquerade as doctors and seem to control certain aspects of law and policy, and drug companies and other big corporations seem to control what’s considered reasonable and medically necessary “for their own good” we can’t be surprised that the masses are not engaging in any sort of peaceful resistance. They simply go along with whatever someone else tells them to do, feel, believe, or ignore.

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Here is what I sent:


I read a story about a 17 year old girl who had been expelled from school and was subsequently home schooled. Fifteen police officers went to her house, removed her from her home, had her evaluated and thrown in a psych ward, a.k.a. prison.

This is so wrong. I can’t believe that your country actually makes home schooling illegal. You need to free this girl immediately. Since when is being “developmentally delayed” a crime? Do you allow anyone who isn’t “smart enough” to be thrown in a locked ward? How do you determine intelligence or developmental milestones? If I were to come and “evaluate” your psychiatrist who made the determination I am positive I would find him morally deficient. Should I be allowed to throw him into prison because I don’t like his ideas?

If you find a toddler who isn’t walking by 16 months do you put him in foster care? If you have a child who isn’t talking early enough do you drug them? If you are going to establish a “norm” then there must be some allowance for people with “disabilities” to be able to live free in your society. Home schooling does not cause “developmental delays.” I am appalled that a law established by the Hitler regime is being enforced today, and that anyone in your country can possibly justify this at all.

I have a friend who is German and Scottish – her child had a seizure disorder. She lives in Switzerland – she is a CPA and takes good care of her son. If the doctors had not been able to medicate him with an experimental drug that was fortunately successful in his case, he would have become mentally retarded. If he lived in Germany, would you go to her home and take him from his mother, traumatizing him for the rest of his life? Would you throw him in a psych ward and start drugging and restraining him?

This is political and unnecessary. I suspect there is some motive for this other than the supposed “developmental delay” or illegal home schooling. Exactly what is the real reason that authorities chose to remove this girl and not the rest of her siblings from the home? After all, if it’s the parents’ fault then the rest of the siblings are in danger of also becoming “delayed” (and we should ALL have to apparently conform to some sort of standard development to keep our freedom).

I feel so awful for the girl who was removed from her home. I can’t believe you are allowing an ongoing holocaust of people your country considers unfit for the society. I thought your country encouraged trade school tracks for those who didn’t intend to go into academia. Since when is failing Latin and Math a reason to put someone in a psych ward?

This is human rights abuse and I hope that the international community comes down hard on your outdated, unjust and evil policies.

As an American, I have many friends who home school. I cannot understand why this is still illegal, and why the girl is being taken from her family. Why not simply put her back in a public school? Why take her from the people she loves?

This fits into the category of psychiatric torture. I hope that you guys get in serious trouble for this. Your psychiatrists or judges or whoever is responsible should have to pay the family a huge compensation for this abuse, and the girl should probably find a way to escape to a more sane country not ruled by Hitler-age politics.

Amy Philo
Frisco, Texas USA