Knowledge – The Anti-Drug

Plato wrote an essay called “The Cave.” A man lives in a cave his whole life, and one day the entrance to the cave is opened and a bright light shines in. He leaves the cave, and is at first completely blinded by the bright light. But after his eyes have had time to adjust, he sees the world as it really is for the first time. Life is brand new outside the cave; the darkness which he had been living in his whole life is no longer limiting his vision.

Are you as aware as you should be? The saying goes, if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. Can you see what is going on around you and the way that people are manipulating others? Or do you take things for granted because they are the status quo? I sincerely hope you will choose to step out of the cave and see what a wonderful thing life can be when you work with your body and spirit, instead of suppressing it with drugs or shock or even unnecessary surgery. I hope that your perspective will be a light to guide others to the truth. We must shine that light for all to see. We must also show others the ways that they are being trapped in darkness.

Some people like to say that we don’t know why things happen, that everything happens for a reason, and it’s all part of a master plan. The plan is compared to a painting that God is working on, or a rug that he is weaving. The thread of our life may not make much sense the way it is being worked in the moment, but if you get some perspective you can see why it was twisted or bent in such a way. A dot of paint on a canvas may not make sense, but when you get back far enough to see the big picture, it’s very clear what the story is.

God is not the only one working on a rug. In case you haven’t noticed, there are some very powerful people in our world trying to work their magic. Usually this means they are trying to get the most money. But what will money do for them anyway? Life is fleeting, and you can’t take possessions with you.

If you have faith in a life after death perhaps you can grasp the idea that what is most important while we are alive is fulfilling our purpose rather than filling our pocketbooks.

Two years ago I had my first baby. The birth was the beginning of an experience I had not planned on. I wanted an unmedicated birth, but wound up with just about every drug and procedure available short of a c-section. After the birth I was crying a lot because I wasn’t dealing well with the challenges that I was facing. When my son nearly choked to death from trying to vomit some formula that he couldn’t digest, I became intensely frightened for his life. Feeding him was the only way to keep him alive but I was afraid to feed him because I was afraid he would choke again. I saw my doctor after having a panic attack, and he gave me Zoloft.

Today I help spread awareness about the harm that drugs like Zoloft can do. I met many people online who, like me, experienced psychotic effects from SSRIs or other meds. Now I know why that happens. It is definitely the drugs and not the person. I am thankful that I have survived that ordeal, not only for myself and my children, but also so that I can hopefully help to prevent the same thing, or something much worse, happening to someone else. Perhaps this is the reason that I went through the horrible pain of months of drug-induced psychosis. Perhaps the sacrifices my family made, and the risks we were exposed to were for a good reason in the end. Perhaps it was part of a larger plan.

Many groups have formed, and many survivors have been desperately trying to get the message out to as many people as possible. It is time for us to unite together to fight the massive machine of drug company influence in our society.

There are many issues facing us that need our action. I see them as opportunities. Together we can research, publicize, counsel, heal, and lobby for important changes in our country and the world. The impact we have will affect many lives.

People who doubt our stories, research, or points of view should realize that everything we say is out of a genuine desire to help others, not from greed like that of a giant pharmaceutical company or an industry that capitalizes on illnesses or weaknesses without offering any real solution. Skeptics should seriously question any of their defense arguments if they happen to be almost verbatim compared to those written in drug company manuals, advertisements, and official statements.

Please join the movement against harmful drugging and mistreatment of human beings. Help create a better future by uniting together for this worthwhile cause – bringing awareness to the risks of using psychiatric drugs or electroshock.

One thought on “Knowledge – The Anti-Drug

  1. I love the cave story. That’s exactly how our family felt after my son, Corey’s arrest. Once Ann Tracy educated us on the drugs adverse reactions and what really happened to Corey. We all of a sudden were out of the dark and into the light of what these drugs really do to people. My daughter, Cassie Lyn compared it to living in snow glode and then suddenly finding yourself outside the globe looking. It’s all a new perspective. Again, thanks for all you do. I wish I’d found this side earlier. Sincerely, Jay Baadsgaard

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