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A Singular Moment in my Life… #CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party

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Yes, that is the word. Frustrated, Frustration, Fugly, Forebearing, Frustration.

When thinking about the reality of being a vaccine damaged person, one singular emotion seems to be a theme of my life, and that is in fact Frustrated.

Since I was a baby I have struggled with deadly anaphylaxis that has taken me to deaths door over and over and over again.

Jenny Med Pack with Epi Pen, Inhaler, Prenisone, AntiHistamines
I keep an epi pen in my purse with antihistamines, inhaler, and prednisone always at the ready so that if I am stung by a bee, eat a tree nut, happen to sniff some chemical that sends me into a cytokine storm, I can live.

My whole 46 years on this planet have been defined by my need to breathe…

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I wish I was… blogging

The past couple of years have been so busy. Lots of things have happened in my life but this morning, while lying in bed with my baby before waking to cook breakfast and get my older boys to school, I received a comment that seemed like it was out of the blue if only because I have been too busy for blogging lately. This was the comment.


If you are just now catching up and wondering what or who this refers to, watch this video about baby Indiana Delahunty.

Things like this comment just really get to me. I am so fortunate for my healthy children, and things could have turned into a real tragedy in my life if I had continued down the path of psychiatry 9 years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years. But even harder is knowing that there are children out there suffering for the same reasons that I started on that path in the first place. Which is to say, basically no reason whatsoever. I was drugged by my OB/GYN for NO reason whatsoever. In summary, that’s all it was. There was nothing requiring intervention. When your kid runs out in front of a car and almost gets hit, it’s normal to freak out. If your baby nearly dies at two days old, it’s normal to freak out. Even a panic attack would be ok. People do “get over” these things. People don’t need drugs to do it.

If psychotropic drugs were as safe as the candy they seem to be treated like, then go ahead, take your psychiatric drugs. But when there are umpteen million lawsuits for dead babies, suicides, murders, and even criminal defense attorneys employing the “Zoloft defense” – do you really think it’s worth it? Go get some counseling, get some “alternative” healing, anything that isn’t the chemical equivalent of taking LSD, PCP, meth or cocaine.

So what would you never get over? I guarantee you, if your baby dies in utero, you will never get over it. If you have to watch your newborn baby die in the ICU from a preventable side effect of Effexor that you didn’t need to take, you will never get over it. If your child hangs herself in the school bathroom, you will NEVER get over it.

During the past two years I’ve felt as though I have run out of things to say about psychiatric drugs. But messages like this one make it clear to me that I must keep going.

When I reread Indi’s story this morning, and the comments on the blog, I couldn’t help but think to myself that this is so important. Just a few comments up from the one that kept me awake at 5 am, is a post from a mother who lost her baby in the 90s while pregnant on Effexor.


And another writes of a miscarriage at 11 weeks.


If you’re already an activist, please don’t stop. If you’re just a parent reading this blog wondering what is going on, please start doing your research. Spare your family the sorrow that too many others know.

There are many days when I see what my friends are doing and I wonder, why can’t I be doing that? I’d much rather be on a ski trip or going to that concert, or taking a vacation, than doing what I am doing. But waking up at 4:45 am to a message like that makes me think, I’d rather be blogging.

- Amy James

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Psychology Today: Retract the article “Benzo Hysteria”

Petition by

Nancy Rubenstein Del Giudice

Benzodiazapine withdrawal has been documented to be forty times harder to withdraw from than heroin, and many people are  disabled for years from protracted withdrawal syndromes. In Britain this is recognized as a public health epidemic. This article suggests that these drugs are safe and non-addictive.

Click here to go to petitin site.


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After decades of blowing billions in tax payer funds on fake science… the NIMH denounces the APA’s DSM and decides that medical tests should be used for diagnosis.

I noticed today that there is a bug affecting youtube playback, where the video randomly stops, not reaching the  full 15:33. I may be correcting this by re-rendering the project file and re-uploading today.

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Watch “Doug Bremner MD Talks About Harassment From a Drug Company Related to Accutane and Depression” on YouTube

Watch on YouTube:

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Loren R. Mosher, resignation letter to the APA and biography

Loren R. Mosher made his letter of resignation publicly available for all to see. (moshersoteria) He outlined how the pharma complex would only bring harm to the practice of psychiatry. He makes it clear that NAMI is part of the scam. He makes it clear that psychiatrists have become glorified drug pushers, with no real interest in actual science. Loren did not resign because he was some prototypical disgruntled employee who failed at everything. Quite the opposite. He led an experiment which bore results that should have brought dramatic changes in the mental health industry… But the greed and control freaks are all too powerful. No wonder he was disgusted by the APA and NAMI. There are no ethics in the business model. One of the biggest myths is that the quacks actually care about human beings.

Yet you can still hear psychiatrists and psychologists today claim that what they do is “very scientific”. In those instances, they might reference some alleged “research” that they themselves cannot explain. These are the quacks who think they can just throw the word “scientific” into a sentence with their crooked world view, and magically their imaginary crap turns into real facts. I wonder if they really believe that the fake research is legit, or if they know that it is a scam but think everyone else is dumb enough to believe their crap. I wonder what Loren R. Mosher would be writing if he saw the now legalized direct-to-consumer drug advertising on television. With all the bouncing bubble heads, wind-up dolls, and trendy yuppy’s skipping along the beach… come to think of it, the Abilify spokesperson stopped taking the drug and made his own video as a public warning.

The qualifications of this man are a rarity. You will see that in his biography which I also read aloud in the video. If there is one thing that people should learn from the legacy left by Loren R. Mosher, it’s the lesson of the Soteria House experiment.

A non-drug approach to treating those in psychological distress far exceeds the results of drugs.

Pharma and their criminal friends do not want you to know about this!

Supportive, non-judgmental, caring relationships, and liberty, far exceed the results of any pill, shot, or electric shock. And changing to such environment and lifestyle does not cause brain damage or loss of natural abilities! So please learn what you can from this. There is also a video documentary of the Soteria House experiment online. You may want to watch that as well. You will be struck at the dramatic difference between that supportive community center setting and today’s establishment of stigmatizing, suppression, coercion, force, abuse, and drugging.

Reading out loud – Loren R. Mosher resignation letter to the APA, and biography.

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